Why Sex chatbot?

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Historically, adult businesses have been in the forefront of technology.

There may be many reasons for that, one of the most obvious being that they’re in a risky business by definition and are not afraid to take even more risks with new and emerging technology. The sex industry facilitated introduction of online payments in the 90s, and the first private chat sessions were used for sharing and exchanging adult content. The first web communities were dominated by users who were looking to buy, sell or create erotic content. The same goes for robots―sex robots are the most popular types of household robotics, not roomba!

And here come chatbots. This great technological achievement allows businesses to optimize their operations and free their employees for more creative and necessary tasks, or help internet users more quickly achieve consumer goals, such as buying online, booking flights, and making appointments without actually talking to agents.

Adult businesses are among the first to utilize chatboots

Having been in the AI business for a while, part of our everyday job is to collect, structure, and analyze data, and to train working models based on data.  We could not help but notice that the number of inquiries for adult chatbots is disproportionately high in comparison to “assistant chatbots,” “retail chatbots,” “ e-commerce chatbots,” and “advisor chatbots.” All other niches are behind the adult industry in chatbot utilization. No judgement there. We’re happy to help our clients with any kind of business they’re in (as long as it’s legal)―just funny that owners of adult websites are the first (again!) to realize and benefit from the capabilities that chatbots offer.

Those benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Decreasing customer bounce rate and a resulting 70% increase in conversion rate
  • Increasing customer retention rates by 50%
  • A 100% increase in customer engagement.

Impressive, isn’t it?  As of today there is no other tactic that can be implemented on the web to achieve similar results―unless you run some giveaways and offer freebies, which obviously is not the same as creating a smooth and enjoyable lasting experience for your customers.

Trends. Chat bots vs Sex chat bots

Below is a screenshot from Google Trends showing how things are going.

We compared two search terms, “sex bot” and “chat bot,”  with “chat bot” being a generic search term uniting all inquirers interested in learning about chatbots, seeking chatbot business solutions, or wanting to play with a demo version of chatbots, and “sex chat bot”  showing the results for niche bots.

The chart clearly demonstrates that “sex chat bots” are currently the most common types of chat bots, while other niche bots don’t even have their own search terms and are being hidden under a “chatbot” umberella. This also explains why adult businesses are among the first (aside from banks) to embrace the innovation.

This trend may change in coming years, when every industry will adopt standards and naming conventions for bots tailored to their specific operational needs. Having a chatbot on the webpage will become as common as having a mobile version of the site. However businesses that already implemented chatbot solutions will have the competitive advantage of lengthy training and data accumulation, making it harder for others to compete. It will be like having a 12-year-old kid compete against an infant in a spelling bee.

It’s very interesting to be in AI as it brings us the most exciting challenges and makes us invent unprecedented solutions. That’s why we’re constantly looking for unique business cases that could use chatbots for their operations. We give great discounts to businesses representing niches we’ve not yet worked with, as it gives us opportunities to grow and evolve.

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