Chatbot Usecases

In 2022 there will be far fewer mobile apps and many more chatbots

Every operation from government projects to adult businesses will rely largely on chatbots. If your business has an online webpage, you absolutely need a chatbot.

24/7 Support

By having chatbot, your customers can get customized 24/7 support


Chatbots can track status of you customers’ orders.


Chatbots can book trips, flights, cruises, hotel rooms.


Chatbots can complete on-line purchases and help with purchasing decisions.


Well trained chatbots can provide healthcare, financial, logistics advice to your customers.

Food ordering

Food ordering can be streamlined thru chatbots.

Making Appointments

Chatbots can arrange calendars and make appointments.


Chatbots can provide counselling!

Business skyrocketed when we added chatbot!


We saw an immediate growth in subscriptions and decrease in bounce rates , as our chatbot assistant was literally “talking” to every web visitor 24/7!

Jacob Kringen, Owner of online education platform

Grow your business

A chatbot can save you time by taking over certain business operations like:



Interviewing potential candidates, thus facilitating the hiring process


Training  and instructing new team members.  

Running Ad Campaigns

Running social media ad campaigns thru chat engagement

Cross Selling

Selling to the existing customer base thru chat interactions.


Assisting HR department thru hiring process.


User assistance in testing and debugging.


Gathering customer feedback

Recording and gathering customer reviews

Lead Generation

Converting web and mobile visitors into leads.

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