We are affordable (unlike developers from santa monica)

and based in LA

How it works?


You need a software infrastructure engineer with DevOps , iOS and Android experience, somebody who is a Data Scientist and a Blockchain NFT developer and can also take on the  role of sysadmin by day and Rockstar ninja by night?

The truth is you just described a team of at least 5 people and not a real developer..



  We are a team of 10  – covering         everything from LAMP (MAMP)   to  MEAN  stack, from AWS to AZURE,   from web and mobile to DAPPS, as well   as blockchain programming, NFT and   machine learning.

 Plus, you can hire our whole team for the  salary of  just 1  (!)  Santa Monica based Software  engineer.


 To get started…

You simply meet with our LA based software architect, who will work with you create a development plan along with concrete milestones and who will also be your point of contact for daily/weekly and monthly reporting & brainstorming.


Contact us

To schedule a meeting or/and a phone call, please email us at lateam@roiexpress.com and we will get in touch in couple of hours.


“The team’s genuine interest in the business idea & revenue model led to the development of a platform that scales business operations. RoiExpress doesn’t need to be micromanaged and acts more as a partner rather than a one-off vendor. Hiring them early-on in the project was truly the best decision!

Project Manager, Skrept

“It has been mind blowing what we've been able to accomplish within the last year. They were extremely respectful of our requirements and deadlines and continue to manage the projects appropriately. They took initiative, which was amazing, and worked autonomously. I didn’t need to follow up with them as much

CEO, Brand Catalog Company

"They produced a platform that functions exactly as requested. They built technically sound solutions that allow us to provide a wider range of services to meet our clients’ needs."

Managing Director, US Manufacturer

RoiExpress developers quickly solved issues that plagued our business for months. They efficiently built out the custom designs and functionalities per project specifications. Communication was frequent and effective. They’re highly-skilled strategists and would make great long-term partners

Founder & CEO, Boutique Law Firm



5405 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036